Corporate Leadership


Dr Jarrod Wiener (BA, MA, LLM, PhD), Founder and President, Havoc Motorcycles

For several decades, Jarrod was a tenured Professor, Dean, and business consultant, who worked in Canterbury and London, England, and Brussels, Belgium. He grew up in Prince Edward Island, Canada, riding a motorcycle from age 16. He worked his way through university in dusty auto-body shops, learning the craft of metal work and mechanics. Over the years, building motorcycles became his outlet, his escape, his grounding. Jarrod finally realized that’s because motorcycles have always been the expression of his true self. He is now home, physically and spiritually, working passionately to make motorcycles that bring joy to others. To Jarrod, Havoc Motorcycles is truth.
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Jim Winn

Jim Winn, President and CEO, Wild West Motorcycles

Jim has spent over 40 years designing and building customs. He is a mechanical engineer, welder and fitter, ex military and spends all of his time taking care of the details in and out of the Wild West office and shop. Jim also founded and ran another custom motorcycle company in Kentucky for many years, after leaving that company and getting out of the industry, he found that he was not happy outside the business and became part of Wild West MC. Jim is committed to the Wild West innovations and quality is unwavering. His mission is to produce the best quality hand-crafted motorcycles on the market.


Richard Dolan, Vice-President

Richard Dolan is responsible for marketing, brand development, and strategic partnerships of Havoc Motorcycles. He started a career in marketing wealth management services at a stock brokerage firm on Bay Street, Toronto. He worked with financial planning firms and mutual funds during the financial markets boom of the 90’s and 2000’s, which included starting two investment funds and growing each to over $1 billion in assets. Richard then became a performance strategy advisor to entrepreneurs around the world, where he offers leadership, strategy and transformational thinking to help his clients realize competitive advantage. Richard has worked with global brands, including Audi, BMW, Chanel, McLaren, Pagani Automobili, and Porsche.
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Chuck Braun

Chuck Braun, Vice-President Sales, North America

Chuck is a seasoned sales professional, engaged in marketing and business development since 1989. He is a biker at heart and hails from Bourbon Country, Kentucky USA (Louisville). Motorcycles have been a very important and passionate part of his life since his late teen years. His passion for “muscle machines” lands him right where he want to be; helping national Power Sports dealers fill their showrooms with rolling stock of some of the most powerful and beautiful cruisers available today Chuck’s philosophy is: the world is a very small place With plenty of time to make friends and build loyal relationships everywhere, you can contact Chuck at