havoc wild west partnership

The Wild West Motor Company was established in California in 1987, and moved to larger facilities in Kentucky in the early 2000’s. Its value proposition always has been to deliver the finest hand-crafted motorcycles, built with the finest components available. That philosophy has seen Wild West stay in business when many others have fallen by the wayside, and see close to 5,000 Wild West branded motorcycles sold and ridden real miles in the past three decades.

Havoc Motorcycles, founded in 2014, is a relatively new entrant to the motorcycle industry. The company has an unwavering obsession with quality, in the design, manufacture, and construction of its heavyweight cruiser-type motorcycles. Its mantra is to never surrender on ideals or principles, and to strive to excellence in its commitment to quality and to its customers. The name Havoc in motorcycles has become synonymous with focus and steadfast determination – a winning spirit that endeared the new company to world-class boxing champion Mike Tyson, who lent his name to the company’s first flagship motorcycle model.

In 2016, Wild West and Havoc turned their shared passion for hand-crafted motorcycles into a partnership, first for the joint marketing of their models, and later into a corporate and personal friendship that saw the joint development of new models and a strategy to reach new riders with their simple message: “Design beauty, build with the best quality, and back it up with a personal commitment and 24-month warranty”.