Frequently Asked Questions

No. “Chopped’ frames refer to the customization of a manufacturer’s model, usually by cutting and re-welding a part of the frame, such as to install a large front wheel on some brands of motorcycle. Our frames are never cut and re-welded. Our frames are CAD designed specifically for each of our models. They start life as lengths of steel that are formed in precision jigs, laser cut to size, and TIG welded in the latest in frame building engineering technology. Our frames are made from continuous steel, including massive 1-3/8″ down-tubes, and the backbone and necks on our Havoc bagger models are 3/8” thick wall box section steel.

No. We manufacture the components that we require to be unique to our models. However, we don’t make parts just for the sake of being different. One of the problems with hand-crafted motorcycles in the past has been the availability of spare parts. Havoc and Wild West motorcycles use industry standard components that are available from any dealership or independent garage that services American V-Twin motorcycles. Whether you need routine maintenance parts (like tires, brake pads, drive chains and belts, spark plugs, etc.) or even transmission or engine parts, these are all readily available from us, or from aftermarket manufacturers.

We base these decisions on several criteria, including the longevity of the company (how long have they been in the business), the reputation for quality and customer service, and any test data for performance and reliability such as DOT or TUV certifications where applicable. We have no reservations publishing the names of the manufacturers of our components, and where we do not, we have no reservations about being asked and we will happily tell you.

Any competent V-Twin motorcycle technician can service our motorcycles. Certainly some specialized tools are required, however these are not specific to our brands and they can be found in any shop that works on American V-Twin bikes.

As much as 90% of the components on our motorcycles are made in North America. This includes the major components like the frame, sheet metal, saddlebags and side covers, engine, transmission, primary drive, wheels, brake calipers, brake rotors, seats, instruments, audio speakers, hoses and cables. We are proud to support the North American motorcycle industry, and the jobs of skilled USA and Canadian craftspeople.

Yes. We are happy to take your order and we will deliver your new motorcycle to you anywhere in North America at no charge. We will also appoint an independent motorcycle repair facility near you and authorize them to service your motorcycle and undertake any warranty repairs, in the unlikely event that any are required.

Each motorcycle is backed by a comprehensive 24 month unlimited mileage warranty that begins from the day you pick up your new machine.

We recommend that your motorcycle be serviced every 5,000 miles / 8,000 kilometers. You can see the service schedule here.

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